So, we have 308,000 more jobs as of last month, and I turn on Air America radio and what do I hear? I can sum it up in just a few words, “Broadcasted from a secret bunker 3500 feet below Dick Cheney’s, Air America radio– what the evil Right is scared of, bush is a LIAR! LIAR!, cause the economy is in the toilet” I don’t know about your opinions, but that sounds like a winning formula to me, I mean, I just can’t believe Liberals aren’t all ready dominating the airwaves with gloom and doom and Al Franken obnoxiously yelling liar anytime a conservative of any prominence is mentioned. Who wouldn’t want to listen to that?

In regards to AA, (which is what I’ll refer to it as from now on) let me make a prediction as to whats going to happen in the future. I’m not sure the time frame on this, but its not going to be all that far off. Basically, unless AA comes across some sort of tremendous funding; ie George Soros, or [insert wealthy yahoo lib here] they will go out of business. It all goes back to the free market. If there were enough people nationwide that could support a Liberal Radio host, there would all ready be one. Despite the popular belief that evil Clear Channel Radio is out only to promote Republicans, the truth of it is that Clear Channel is out to make money. If there’s a large enough market to support a Liberal host and bring in money to Clear Channel, they wouldn’t hesitate to put them on the radio, but the truth is, Liberal hosts can’t make it in a free market like radio. Its been tried time after time, with failure being the largest common denominator.

So, in conclusion, I say there’s no need to worry about AA. It will die with its former brethren in the arena of Liberal Talk Radio.


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