Its been a busy month. I haven’t updated in quite a while due to numerous reasons, not to mention busyness (is that how you spell that).

When is John Kerry gonna get some momentum. I’ve been waiting and waiting to have to defend Bush’s ability to pull off this election and it seems the more Kerry tries to define himself the less defined he’s actually getting. At this point in 1984 and 1996, President’s Reagan and Clinton were actually lower in the polls than Bush is today. Reagan went on to win in a landslide over Walter Mondale and Geraldine Feeeraroooooo. (Could just be me, but when Mondale said he wanted to raise taxes…. maybe thats not such a good idea)

Kerry has stated his desire to give 4000 dollar college grants to anyone who pledges to work in some sort of social program (where are these 4000 dollar grants coming from? Thats right, your tax dollars) Sounds like a good idea right? Help more people go to college. Actually, this scheme to grab voters will never accomplish the goals that it promises to accomplish. As we’ve long known, in a free market society, colleges will raise tutitions in order to continue bringing in the best students it possibly can. They will see what they can do to the campus when they add 4000 dollars to tutition…. they will still be able to bring in the same amount of students as before, but they can build a ton more stuff cause they are essentially getting 4000 more dollars a student for school. The only way Kerry’s plan could work is if they initiated price caps and everyone with any economic sense knows what happens with price caps.

Just another reason to just say no to Kerry.


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