First off I want to express my disgust at the charges of some of our armed servicemen abusing Iraqi prisoners. Unacceptable. I saw the graphic images that are most likely being used as propganda in the Arab world to incite more violence against our troops, and it made me sick. I know that anyone who supports the war is also just as upset about these images as I am. We went over there to try and end terrorism, by showing them the benefits of freedom, and how we aren’t barbaric like their dictator Saddam Hussein. Now we have probably created a whole new group of terrorists. These guys have been telling moderate arabs that we abuse people, and all other sorts of lies, and then come to find out, we’ve got some redneck wastes of humanity that are doing the same thing to Iraqi prisoners. Unbelievable.

On a lighter note, JFK fell off his bike, it appears that he wasn’t injured but, apparently he is going to have some more “shoulder surgery” (BOTOX!)

i was perusing across one of my favorite websites for gossip, and news about politics, the drudge report and i found this article. it seems as if almost all of the officers that served with John F Kerry aren’t what one might call avid supporters of his being Commander in Chief.

Hmm —- lets check it out.


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