Today I drove past a Baptist Church here in town with a large sign reading “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”. It got me thinking about the dilemma going on right now about stores not saying “merry christmas” but “happy holidays”, and how the christian right is blowing a gasket over it.

I could understand their being upset if it were the government making it law that no business could post Merry Christmas or a Nativity scene in front of their establishment, but I feel like this is a losing battle. If you don’t like a business not saying Merry Christmas, you have the right to not shop their. Pay more money and shop at a mom and pop store. If enough people decide not to shop at Walmart this year, maybe they’ll put Merry Christmas back up.

The thing is, were you to boycott these stores, you would in essence be hurting many of the working poor in our country, people who who’s sole income is their job and Wal-Mart and whose hours could get cut, or worse their jobs lost.

Really, I think we should just get over this. I would say there are plenty of things Jesus cares about more than whether or not the holiday on which we celebrate his birth, is commercialized to the point of their mentioning Jesus everywhere that we’re buying gifts. He’s probably want us to, you know, help out a poor family this year by selecting an angel from the angel tree, or feeding homeless at a shelter on christmas day. I’m pretty sure that’s what he’d be doing.

Can you imagine what would happen if Falwell, Robertson, and the like stopped trying to dictate a Christian culture through politics and started helping the poor and being Jesus to the world?


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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed what you said here. It was so great to read. I like the way you think.

  2. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Your comments on BST’s blog always have good insight. Thanks for stopping by.

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