So, the guy on the myspace thing decided to quit myspace. Randomly.

After he posted all the pictures of the gay men and said “eww” after them, I made a thread that said “heterosexuality is so gross” and posted pictures of people fooling around and being drunk and stuff (no nudity) and he commented “point made. i’m out” and deleted his myspace site.

I’m reading “The Last Word and the Word After That” by Brian McLaren the third book in his “A New Kind of Christian” trilogy. It’s really intriguing. So far here are the highlights…

“For people like Gil, (an engineer, not a lawyer) faith was meant to be solid, bolted down tight, static, secured; in the midst of a turbulent world, it was one unchacing reference point, something from the past that we keep going back to, a place to escape the chaos. Christianity was a Sousa march, completely charted, with a strong downbeat, great for military maneuvers, not jazz with all its swing and syncopation and imporovisation and blues notes”

I think that’s so true. So many of us want a faith that is unchanging, a rational faith to fit with our rationalistic worldview. But rationalism is rooted strongly in modern culture, and we’re moving beyond that. We’ve realized that rationalism hasn’t solved all our problems, and since we’ve tried to use rationalism to further the kingdom, eventually that moves to far and rationalism becomes God. When rationalism falls apart, since Christianity has become so intwined with a human creation, its doomed to have problems. We’re moving through that right now, but its gonna be hard, because when people’s steadfast ideas are questioned, many times they hold onto it tighter, hoping that it will be a lifevest, but many times, it ends up becoming a brick. We’ve got to look around and decide what is a product of culture, and what is universal.


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  1. I think you are starting to become my hero! I like what you say and even when I don’t agree, I appreciate how you really work it out for yourself, you don’t just give the pat answers or the knee jerk response that we all have heard a thousand times. You pretty much rock man!

  2. Thanks Brian. I appreciate that alot. I’m just trying to work through a lot of stuff in my head. This year has been kinda the boiling point for all this, but I can see where I started changing and how I’ve moved to where I am and I’m happier on this side. This road I’m giong down is difficult, especially grasping hold to a new idea of what hell is, or really how it’s a warning rather than an actual place. I had problems with my old views, and these new ideas are being presented to me, and they make a ton of sense, but there’s still that thought in the back of my head that if I’m wrong about this, it could be bad.

    But I’m reminded of this verse “If you seek me you will find me if you seek me with all your heart” And I’m seeking, so it helps me not to worry.

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