I would like to apologize.

I’d like to apologize for the attitude I’ve had in the past, an attitude rooted in a fundamentalist faith that told me I was better than anyone else because I said the right words, and did the right things, therefore God looked on me more favorably than others.

I, along with many others, have created a God that is about myself, a Christianity whos focus is the individual’s freedom from hell, rather than with the plight of the afflicted. I feel as though Jesus woudl be ashamed of me. I ask for forgiveness.

I ask for forgiveness for putting on the “church face” and looking down my nose at those who struggle with things that I didn’t. Things that, while they do have worse consequences on earth, are no different from the sins with which I struggled. I ask for forgiveness for using hell to try and scare people into following a moral code that I came up with, not the one that Jesus preached. In short, I ask forgiveness for not loving, for not being Jesus to those who need him, to looking at the poor, the weak, the less intelligent, and those with different skin color as mine and feeling superior. If I have not been Jesus to you, I ask your forgiveness.


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