I’ve had two great spiritual conversations the last two nights. On friday night, I had dinner with a girl that I’ve been friends with for about 4 years now. We talked about different struggles in our lives, some really personal stuff, stuff that I’d never imagined she might struggle with. We talked a lot about community too, and how its such an important thing in christianity. Its also something that so many in church shy away from, most likely due to the constraints of the modern viewpoint, and American Individualism. I can do it on my own. Its all about me. Selfish Christianity at its finest. That leads to the point where people walk down roads they never meant to go down, all because they were afraid what people might think of them. The ironic thing is that most of us struggle with the exact same things.

Tonight, Mitch Holt and I talked about our frustrations with church as an institution. How we’re tired of a lot of things, and we’re tired of people using christianity as a social step or a crutch to exisitance. It goes back to community again. That’s what “church” was and is supposed to be. Its supposed to be about relationships, not punching your card when the doors are open. I’m so guilty of that myself, you know, the “wow, 15 minutes left of church… where are we going to have lunch today.”

Not that having lunch is bad. In fact, it could actually be a wonderful thing. What if our small groups met one sunday a month to just have a meal together, maybe have some sort of moderated discussion about things? Wouldn’t that be wonderful. That meal would probably be more like “church” than anything we do in the building.

I would like to start a house church I think. Or maybe not in place of sunday morning, but something sunday night, get an intimate group that we can confess things, and we can serve others. That would be awesome.

Anyway, just some random musings for the evening. Time for bed.


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  1. i am pretty sure you know this already – that i’m right there with you on the church/community ordeal. oddly enough, my woodmont class shares a meal around the table on the last sunday of the month to discuss the sermon and enjoy a time of true communion. we’ve only had 2 of these, and i’ve only been there for one – and, rest assured, it was quite the genuine communion. it was great. an excellent idea. anyway, i’m sure there will be opportunity for these discussions elsewhere other than blogger.com.

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