Its kinda weird how these things hit you. This morning when I woke up, the most important thing on my mind was, “I wish I could go back to sleep, instead work” but then I realized that I spent money I didn’t have on presents this year and I’m extremely lucky to be making what I am sitting and answering telephones at a law firm, so I got up. I got up just like every other morning. Stumbled around in the dark to turn off the cell phone alarm, hopped in the shower, gargled some water (I have a cold, and I’ve been waking up with that ‘I’m kinda sick’ sore throat) got dressed, took some medicine, and headed to work.

Traffic was light this morning. I imagined that it has something to do with it being the Friday before a Sunday Christmas, and most people decided to take a long weekend, either that or it was actually Saturday and the calendar in my mind had gotten confused, but that second thought didn’t last long as the morning guy on News Radio 600 WREC said “good morning” a million times and told me that it was, in fact, Friday.

All this to say, this morning was rather typical, and as I arrived to work, I still imagined it would be a typical day. But as I began perusing blogs this morning, something struck me. I often wonder about how God works in our lives, and whether or not he controls every aspect or any at all, or somewhere in between, and I’ve decided that one can still have faith and be at any of those conclusions and still be a follower of Jesus, but this morning, I really felt like a lot of things came together and made a lot of sense to me. I believe I understand why I went to Lipscomb, and met Brandon Scott Thomas and why I started questioning my faith, and life, and all the things that had seemed so certain once. Why I had ended up at MTSU, why I’m with Carrie now, why I met Claire this summer. I think its all led up to this point.

I guess I’ll stop beating around the bush here. I think that God is calling me to start some sort of house church in Murfreesboro. Obviously, he didn’t send me an email, or give me a vision, with the exact steps and what I need to do etc. I’m not sure when this is going to happen, how its going to happen, who’s going to be involved, and things like that, but there is a group of people, a rather large one in my opinion, that’s searching in the Boro. 22,000 undergrad students, a few christian ministries that in my opinion have become shelters rather than communities. A place people go to escape the world rather than a refuge for those who are of the world. I love all the people at the Raiders for Christ a ton, but I feel like we’re missing so many people because we’re wrapped up in ourselves. I am the same way, well, I’ve been the same way, and I’m repenting of that. I’m trying to look to others rather than focusing in on my own salvation. Being saved is not just about my eternal soul, though I have faith I’ll be with Jesus. I feel like Christ made clear that salvation is here now, for all of us. Salvation in Jesus is freedom from the powers of greed, and lust, of hatred and discord, freedom from a slavery to the flesh that only leads to death.

Again, I’m not sure when, or how this will happen. But I think there’s a need for this and I think God has called me to work with it somehow. I’m not sure what the exact direction of the church will be except that I want it to be an open place, where people can come however they are, feel free to worship however is comfortable to them. I want to have authentic community, the kind of community that the NT church exibited. I want to have intimate relationships with the other members, and I want us to serve together, and let our main goal be serving others rather than ourselves. Maybe I’m getting to be an idealogue here, but this is what I’m feeling, and I’d love to dialogue with anyone who might be interested.


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  1. i really like this. really. alot.

  2. Oh man, when the wind is blowing, put up the sails.

  3. Well, Justin, this is a fascinating question.

    I don’t think there is any definitive answer that can be given for this kind of thing. Some people think “Church Plant” or whatever and it just fires them up in ways that can only be defined as “Spiritual.” For others, it’s a brave new world that they admire, but can only feel like they have to leave to others.

    I’m in the second category most likely, but that doesn’t mean you are.

    If this is something you really feel like God is putting on your heart to pursue, I recommend a couple of things.

    1) Read Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. He said that he knew he was ready to do his church plant when he didn’t care if it succeeded or not.

    2) Get a support system in place. Find mentors that can walk you through the troubles that will inevitably come in a time like this.

    Your heart is in a great place right now and I’m convinced God is working through it.

    I know that may not give the answer you’re looking for, but I hope that helps some.

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