Hey Christians. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Protestants and Catholics. Traditional and Contemporary. Calvinists and Evangelical. I’m taking to all of you. I’ve got a question that I think deserves some serious consideration. One for the scholars and neophytes alike. Wait, don’t go get your Bible. You won’t really need it for this. What I want to ask is simple; what are you afraid of? Sure, we live in a world that is sometimes hostile to Christianity, we live in a world where our traditional morals seem to have gone down the drain. I understand. I go to a public university, so I’ve seem it first hand. But I’ve got to ask myself. Is this militant “values” campaign really what our country needs? Is it imperative that we tell gays they can’t marry? You may argue that the Bible condemns homosexuality (though I’d like to have a conversation with you, but thats a different topic) so the government shouldn’t allow it, but are you really willing to hold to that argument? Christian America, are you ready to outlaw divorce? Cause that would be the logical next step from where we are now. In all actuality, it would have been a logical first step seeing as Jesus is pretty explicit on how he views divorce, while being strikingly silent about Homosexuality. What are you afraid of?
The NBC affiliate in Nashville recently pulled a television show off the air after an aggressive letter writing campaign by the religious right. I watched the show the only night that it actually aired, and I enjoyed it, thought later, after further consideration, I have decided that the show was a bit melodramatic and probably did not exhibit the qualities of popular television. Regardless, this show was not pulled from the air because of excessive language, nudity, or extreme violence. The Christian Right threatened a boycott of the network because they were afraid of Jesus.
This might sound funny, but its the only explanation at which my feeble mind can arrive. Something about a Jesus who didn’t smite a minister who struggled with an addiction to painkillers, or command an exorcism of the Reverend’s gay son scares the hell out of them (pun intended). This show brought Jesus to network television surrounded by shows completely absent of him. Right in the middles of shows that portray the hopelessness of a life without faith, and shows that demean humanity with body builders, big boobs, and beetles, appears a show about a tough life that is only meaningful because of faith, and that’s the one we pull from the air. What are you afraid of?
You know, I’m not saying you should be forced to watch television you disagree with, or that television should be able to show whatever they want. What I am saying is that there are bigger battles to fight than what’s on TV and there are bigger social problems to deal with than whether or not two guys can get married, like world poverty, or the violence and drug addiction that plague our inner cities. Not many people would consider the Roman Empire a particularly moral one, yet the early church did not start a letter writing campaign to Nero because he allowed (and practiced) Homosexuality. They went out and lived the love of Christ, and it transformed the world. They realized that forcing morality will never create good people, but changing hearts will. So, on the issue of gay marriage, if you do not agree with it, go out and love people. Go to the gay bars and form relationships, without judging, just showing the love of Christ and what he has done. Blatant discrimination against homosexuals has not changed them over the last millennium; its just created a group who live lives searching for acceptance because they cannot get it from those who should be the most accepting. What are you afraid of?
There is plenty wrong with television today and I bet most people would agree, but how about instead of killing any mention of Jesus you do not like, either turn off the TV or use it as a tool to reach those that are seeking.


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