I really wish that I could be a professional writer.

I know I’m not very good or anything, but, I could see myself sitting in a coffee shop, drinking some hot brewed beverage, typing away at my laptop whilst listening to whatever obscure indie rock band is my pick of the day.

I guess that’s kinda what I’m doing right now, actually. My headphones aren’t on, and I was listening to Panic! At the Disco, but still.

Last night, I was really disappointed. In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to let everyone know that I am a weather nerd, and have been since I was about 3 years old. My most striking obsession with the weather is snow. I love snow. I love snowstorms, or as much “snowstorm” as we have in the mid south. Yesterday, the weather persons were all forecasting between 4- 6 inches of snow for the Nashville area. I was pumped. I’d been driving around, and occasionally, I would pull up to Krystal wireless hotspot and check the radar and temperatures, as well as the new forecast models. I’d compare the position of the low pressure with that of the forecast models, to see if it was moving according to schedule. Things were looking good. The snow was moving in. I called Memphis, where my family lives, and they were receiving heavy snow, About an inch an hour rate. Their temperature had dropped ten degrees in about 30 minutes, which excited me because one of my worries had been that it was nearly 50 degrees yesterday in Nashville, and I was concerned that it would be too warm for snow.

I went to work, where I didn’t have access to the internet for 3 hours, though I did finally get to check the weather on television. Temperature had dropped. The snow had all ready started in northern Davidson County, and it had begun to mix in with the rain in Antioch. I was pumped. When we left, snow was falling, though the temperature was slightly above freezing so it was a wet, slushy snow that was having trouble accumulating. No worries, right? I noticed that a little more rain had begun to mix in around 7, and the next time I checked the radar, I saw it. Warm air was streaming northward, right up I 65. Not a good sign. All the snow from middle tennessee was changing to rain once it reached the I 65 corridor. I hung my head in disappointment. It wasn’t going to happen. Not only did the warm air push in, but the low pressure didn’t pull in nearly as much moisture as had been anticipated. The weather persons had let me down again. Memphis got 4 inches. I can’t remember the last time Memphis got 4 inches of snow. I think it may have been 2001. Or before. Regardless.

I’d like to apologize to all the school children of Nashville (and all snow loving adults). Its my fault. Just like the storm that Jonah caused while he fled Ninevah, God is punishing me (but for an unknown reason) by not letting it snow. Memphis has received more snow than Nashville every year since I left. I’m convinced at this point that if I moved to Buffalo, NY that the lake effect snows would cease. Seriously.

In other news, tomorrow is the first sunday in the new building at Otter Creek. I’m singing on praise team, and am excited about having 45 extra minutes to sleep. I’m also excited about being able to go to class. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gone to class at OC since I’ve been there.


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  1. with posts like this how long before we give up the newspaper?!!

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