For those of you who think the republicans are the only party in this country with fascist tendencies… think again.

The city of Calbasas in California has now banned smoking in public OUTDOOR areas. Yes outdoor areas.

No smoking outside of businesses, not in parks, not on the sidewalk.

Seriously, what’s next?

I’m reminded of Portland Maine which bans smoking inside any public buildings and does not allow drinking alcohol outside any buildings. The two things that are meant to be done together can’t be.

So, Republicans are fascists in my bedroom. Democrats are fascists in my buisiness and in my personal space.

Vote Libertarian.



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  1. WHY bans and higher taxs are spreading for tobacco but not for alchol:

    Untreated alchol problems waste an estimated $184 BILLION dollars a year in health care, business and criminal justice costs and cause more than 100,000 deaths. (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcholism)

    In 1997, 25% of 8th graders, 40% of 10th graders and 53% of 12th graders reported drinking in the 30 days prior to being surveyed (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

    Alcohol related car crashes are the number 1 killer of teens. (Center for Substance Abuse Prevention)

    A 1994 study by Columbia University showed that 25% to 40% of ALL patients in U.S. hospital beds were being treated for complicaitons of alcoholism.

    Are you wondering WHY cigarettes are being banned and taxed outrageously?

    Here’s the last statistic. 70% of all U.S. adults are at least occasional drinkers. Less than 31% smoke.

    Someone else’s second hand smoke, outdoors, might annoy me but someone else’s drinking, whether outdoors or indoors, can KILL me.

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