Lately I’ve been thinking about global warming, probably because a group of evangelicals including Brian McLaren, and the president of Abilene Christian University, signed a statement showing their commitment to helping stop global warming, well, to stop the pollution we create that supposedly causes global warming.

I’m not sure exactly where I stand on this issue. On one hand, I definitely appreciate the efforts of evangelicals to adopt some sort of environmental position. We were given dominion over creation, but that does not mean we should just blatantly destroy it, and I believe its about time that evangelical christians jumped on to help this. However, I’m not sure that there is enough supporting our use of chemicals causing global warming in order to shut down the our economy. The Kyoto Treaty, which many liberals cite as a cure all for everything from severe hurricanes to melting glaciers, to tornados and crippling snowstorms, in actuality will do very little to end global warming, if in fact we’re causing the vast majority of it. Kyoto does not have any regulation on China or India, two burgeoning economies in the world that are polluting at dramatic rates, yet it imposes strict regulation against the United States, Great Britain and other developed countries. The motivation behind this legislation is purely political. It serves to “level the playing field” for other nations through the guise of saving the environment. The fact is, its not leveling the playing field. It is punishing the success of American Capitalism. I support our government’s refusal to sign this legislation until it applies to everyone and until significant evidence that we are the cause of global warming, not a warming sun or any other climactic patterns.

In some reading that I’ve done, I’ve noticed that there has been climate change on our globe far before we began burning fossil fuels for energy. Several Ice Ages have come and gone before technology reached the point where air pollution was anything more than a nomadic group sitting around a campfire cooking meat from a mastadon. The earth goes in cycles of warm and cool. Right now, there are factors contributing to warmth that we must be aware of, such as the sun going through a hot phase. When this happens, the earth warms significantly for several years, melting polar caps and glaciers. This causes a desalination of the oceans, which in turn causes the gulf stream to either slow down or cease flowing. Once the gulf stream slows, warm air is no longer being pushed into the far northern hemisphere in europe which causes a dramatic cooling of the earth, or even a shocking climate change into some sort of ice age, which refreezes glaciers and polar caps. One can see this when you notice where there were glaciers during ice ages and there aren’t now (ie the great lakes were formed by glaciers during an ice age. Can you imagine what would be going on now if the great lakes were ice and people noticed them melting significantly. People would go ballistic, just as they are doing now. Climate change is natural on our planet, to a certain extent, and we need to realize that before we draft legislation that will actually hurt the poor more than rising oceans and catastrophic storms.


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