Every day I find myself more and more frustrated with Christians. Not Christ, mind you, just Christians. I feel like the attitudes of many who bear the name of christ reflect so poorly on his attitude. His love for the poor, the downtrodden, the “sinners”. The more I’m in a church setting, I begin to loathe it. Very few places have an attitude with which I’m comfortable and I’m not sure how to deal with that. I want to be able to be in community with people I disagree with, but I don’t want to be in community with those who don’t share a similar attitude. Smug christians, hateful christians, know-it-all christians…. I just can’t stand. I can’t stand when a preacher or speaker gets in front of me and with absolute certainty explains something that’s really not so cut and dry. I’m tired of the way we talk and live because I can’t imagine it being comfortable to those who didn’t grow up speaking christianese.

Regardless, its frustrating. But I’m pressing through.

In other news, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with New Urbanism. Several communities are springing up in Davidson and Williamson counties. Instead of typical neighborhoods, built for cars with lots of space between houses, garages that take up the majority of the house, and no retail within walking distance. These New Urban neighborhoods are more like a small town. Similar archetecture (but not cookie cutter homes) and different size houses, condos, apartments, and flats with prices ranging from upper to lower middle class. One of my favorites is Lennox Village . I love how there are community parks, common green areas, no garages on the front of houses (I hate those) and one of my favorite things, old main street style shops with lofts above them. Hopefully that will be the first place I move from the boro. A little one bedroom loft above some quaint little shop.

I think New Urbanism offers a great oppurtunity for ministry. We’ll once again live in communities where people have no choice but to be around each other. Schools are all in the neighborhood, people can walk to get groceries, to the park, etc. It offers public arenas for you to meet those who might be searching. Anyway, I’m excited…. well, obsessed is a better word.


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  1. Hey Justin.
    Have you read “Sidewalks in the Kingdom”? You’re speaking the same language. I, too, am excited about living in an urban area where I’ll have to bump into people who aren’t exactly like me. Urban living just seems a little more like what I read about Jesus. Blessings!
    Chrissy Holt

  2. no, I haven’t chrissy, but its on my short list now. thanks for the reccomendation and for reading. You and Steve are awesome (well, the whole holt family is awesome really)–>

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