I’m really frustrated with politics right now. I can honestly say there are no candidates for which I want to vote. President Bush has turned out to be a big government guy, who came in under the guise of Reagan. The only reason I support him is because I think he’s committed to fighting terrorism, well, at least moreso than the democrats. Most of the republicans are hacks (as are the dems) and they are both corrupted by the christian fundamentalists and the wacko leftists respectively. I can’t in good conscience not vote, however, I can’t vote for anyone in good conscience. It seems we’ve reached the point in democracy where it fails, where we’ve figured out we can vote ourselves the treasury, and its not gonna be long before our economy can’t and won’t support our government’s insatiable desire for entitlements and pork barrell projects. Besides that, we’re nearly WWIII with some combination of Iran, North Korea, China, and possibly Russia and other smaller Middle Eastern states, and this war is gonna make the first two look like skirmishes. The only possible deterent to this thing would be our country having a missle defense system that will keep us from nuclear devestation, but terrorism will continue as long as there are people willing to blow themselves up in the name of Allah, or whomever they deem to be their god. I used to be optimistic about this, but I don’t see anywhere to go but down. My political ideas are not anywhere close to the mainstream, and neither are my spiritual ones.

Sorry for the negative post. I’m just in a negative mood I guess.


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  1. Whoa….check out this page…hmmm, and I thought this was only for the kids

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