I’m reading Donald Miller’s new book To Own A Dragon. Miller’s prose is like music to my ears. I often don’t laugh out loud while reading. Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve never laughed outloud while reading. At least until I read Blue Like Jazz.

That’s beside the point actually. Besides the fat that Miller is hilarious, his books are extremely thought provoking. So far, I’ve been close to tears after reading some things that he’s written. While I did grow up with a Father, when reading his memoirs, I feel like I can fully empathize with what he’s saying. I feel his pain, cry his tears, experience his joy. Its a great thing when you find a writer that you feel like you know. This book makes me want to be a dad, and it makes me realize how incredible my own dad was and is.

Anyway, I recommend everyone picking this book up.


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