Most notably, my girlfriend and I have been throwing around the M word with great frequency. We’re not engaged yet, but its coming fairly soon. I have to save up for a ring, and pay off my debt. Basically, in a nutshell, that means I need a new job. 500 dollars a month isn’t cutting it when I’m paying 60 bucks for cell, 15 for cable, 50 to church, and over 200 a month in gas. I’m trying to save 50 dollars a month, pay off 50 dollars on my credit card, and still have a social life. I’m getting rid of my 4 runner which is now only getting 17 mpg and hopefully tomorrow getting a Honda Accord, which will get close to 30 mpg. That will save me some serious dough.

edit: I had some other things written here, but in retrospect, I’ve decided that blogger isn’t quite the forum in which I should have released them. I apologize for anyone that was hurt or embarrassed by what I wrote.


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  1. I wish you would talk to me about these things.

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