I play softball with a group of guys from the Christian Center here in Murfreesboro. We are not good. And when I say we’re not good, that might conjure up images of us, you know, not being bad either. Well, those images would be wrong. We’re pretty bad.

I got a little frustrated Thursday night, and I might have yelled. I might have yelled that we “look like a bunch of circus clowns” or we “look like we’ve never played baseball in our lives.” For several of them, this second insult might actually be true. We’ve lost 3 games this season, and we have one left. The first game actually wasn’t that bad, but the second and third games have been atrocities. Somehow, I got roped into pitching. I’m not sure why, exactly, seeing as I’m one of the few who’s played organized baseball before. I can make plays at pretty much any position, yet, I’m stuck at pitcher. I mean, as long as you throw it near the plate, people will swing. In softball, you don’t need a good pitcher nearly as bad as you need people in the field who can, you know, field. Anyway, it makes me all the more frustrated, cause I may get ripped when I’m pitching, and I don’t have much control over it. In baseball, if I were pitching, and I’m lobbing flat fastballs belt high, and I’m getting ripped, its my fault. But in softball, you are required to lob the ball right in the middle of the plate.

Anyway, after the second game, someone made us pray. Praying in public settings has always rubbed me wrong. Probably the most irksome and the most prolific is resturaunt praying. Having worked as a server, I know first hand how awkward it is to walk up to a table to ask how the food tastes and realize you’re interupting Jesus time. It never made me want to be a better Christian when I saw people praying. It made me not want to be a Christian. Well, that being said, I really didn’t want to pray after the game. At first, I thought I was just being pretentious, but then I realized why it bothered me. Jesus talked about praying in private. I think that has a lot of merit, and not just because Jesus said it. Think about how you look to those who aren’t part of the christian culture. You aren’t “witnessing”. You’re look pretentious. You look like you’re parading your religion.


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  1. i would have to say, boyfriend, that i also do not like public prayer. i used to L-O-V-E love it, but that was when i thought it was important to show off my christianity. Christ didn’t teach a show; he taught humility and privacy. also, genuineness and not flaunting. i don’t know why i am commenting here. i could just talk to you in person. i had de ja vu just a second ago.

  2. As a past server, what do you think about this? Whenever I pray in a restaurant I stop and ask my server if there is anything I can pray for him/her. This has many times opened the door for Christ’s love to be expressed. I’ve even had a server “break down” and begin crying because she had just been informed that day that she had cancer. I was able to pray for her on the spot. I’ve had others desire prayer for a variety of reasons. I’ve found it to be a very good way for me to show the love of Christ to those servers I meet. And of course, I always leave a good tip between 20%-100% of my bill. I want that person to remember that a Christian was the one who gave them a good tip. I’m sick of all the stories I’ve heard of Christians being some of the worst tippers.


  3. I hated working sundays… people coming from church left bad tips and lots of pamphlets that if i read, I should accept jesus, but if i didn’t, I was in danger of the fires of hell.

    I think that’s great that you prayed with your server… I still think its kinda pretentious to just randomly ask someone if there’s something you can pray about for them. Maybe just ask what’s going on in their life… be genuinely interested. If they tell you that something’s going on that is terrible, such as cancer, tell them that you will be praying for them. If you ask them if they want to pray with you in the store… how in the world do you say no to that? You look like a jerk if you do. And you’re working for tips, so you’re gonna do whatever to try not to be a jerk. I say, be kind to them. Definitely keep tipping them well. Ask them what’s going on in their life, be a genuine friend… don’t be a drive by religious person. If someone asks me randomly if there’s anything they can pray about for me, I feel like its saying ” I’m better than you… God listens to me, so let me pray for you, cause I”m spiritually superior.” I know that many are genuine with this, but you must think about how it comes off to others.

  4. There is a song out called, “Church League Softball Fistfight” by Tim Wilson and it is hilarious. http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/6994298/a/Church+League+Softball+Fistfight.htm

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