I officially have a major in school. Yes, I know, its been 3 years of random classes, prospective careers, and even thoughts of dropping out, but now I’ve finally decided what I should have decided years ago. I’m going to be a broadcast meteorologist. *insert applause* I’ve been obsessed with the weather since I was three years old. Its a passion of mine, and I think that this is what I’m meant to do.

In other news, Iran has enriched uranium,gas has skyrocketed, the gospel of judas was released,and leo has officially died on west wing.

I guess I’m gonna do a quick summary of those things.

Iran: This guy makes Jerry Falwell look like a leftist. He thinks that an islamic messiah is going to come and aid him in destroying America. And now he has nuclear technology. What should the world do in this situation? I don’t know. I guess the best things would be finish business in iraq to free up the military for some threats. Sanctions will only hurt the people who are actually on our side in this dilemma. Most Iranians are very pro western democracy, but they are ruled by the mullahs and theocrats who control the military and the police. We’ve got to get the Iraq mess cleaned up, in order to deal with Iran.

Gas is crazy now. I think it’s gone up more than 50 cents in the last month. I’m really glad that I bought my new accord when I did, cause I’d be paying out the butt for gas right now (as if I weren’t before). Still, short term, the best thing we can do is cut the gas taxes, relax regulations, at least regional regulations. In some places, one city may have a different mix of gasolin than a different city that is only 200 miles away. This causes the price to rise. Also, WE NEED OUR OWN OIL. Mexico and Cuba are drilling the gulf, yet we won’t do any new drilling. We’ve got a tundra in Alaska that has tons of oil that we aren’t touching. Canada has at least a trillion barrels in the tar sands that we aren’t touching. The technology isn’t there for hydrogen yet, so we’ve got to do stuff in the short term.

The gospel of judas is just weird. Is there relevant information? Maybe. Regardless, its weird.

I cried during sunday’s episode of West Wing.


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