Why are people insane about the Bible? How can someone in their right mind be so arrogant as to believe they can read a book that has been translated out of a dead language into english, and understand all the mysteries within? What makes a person believe that they are right, and that anyone else who comes to a different conclusion than they is obviously trying to manipulate people to send them to hell? Why are Christians so obsessed with hell? Why can’t we get passed this “I know all the answers to get saved” garbage and go out and live like Jesus?

I frequent the church of Christ forumon myspace, and I swear, every day I get on there, someone says something that makes me wonder if they’ve ever read the bible. Well, I know they’ve read the bible, at least all the passages that explain why MOTCs are going to heaven, but God’s gonna send everyone else ot a place of fiery torment for eternity. But, besides the hell passages in the gospels, I pretty much don’t think they’ve ever read about Jesus’s life.

I feel some sort of responsibility to dialogue with these people in order to plant a seed in them, and also to try and help seekers and thinkings in the c ofc realize that those people are crazy. I love them, and I count them as brothers, but I’m just so frustrated with them and yet I feel a bit of responsibility.


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  1. That is a tough one to discern. When to speak and when to ignore and when to walk away.

  2. Yeah, what TCS said. I didn’t realize there was a forum over at myspace. I’ll have to check it out. Or maybe not?

  3. I checked it out. Didn’t seem much different than ones I’ve seen and participated in elsewhere.

  4. its probably not. i’ve been posting on that forum for about a year now, and its like, as soon as things die down there, and we’ve talked an issue til we’re blue in the face… made our arguments, understood each others points, someone comes in and says something like “what do you think about this dumb people who want to have instruments, the church of christ is the one true church that only follows the bible” and it starts again.

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