Has anyone heard what the southern baptists are saying about homeschooling? They’ve pretty much put out an ultimatum that you aren’t a good christian if you support the public school system. Unbelievable.

It makes me wonder how much longer conservative evangelicalism will continue as a force in our country. It seems they are realizing now that they can’t control the culture around them through the government, and now that they are withdrawing their kids from public schools, it just seems to be a matter of time before southern baptists are the new mennonites, living together in cities, working only with each other, all driving the same SUVs and wearing long skirts and long hair (for ladies) and no short pants for men. Well, maybe not. But we can be sure that there won’t be any brown people.

Speaking of southern baptists and brown people, there was a story in the Tennessean recently about Hispanic baptist pastors and how they are making inroads with traditionally catholic hispanics. Apparently though, the white baptists are happy to save them, but want them to go back to mexico if they are illegal.

Anyway, I’m sick of the immigration deal. I don’t mind hispanic immigration for labor (i’d do the same thing if my family needed food) but it is kinda dangerous because we don’t have a record of who’s coming here (serial killers, someone carrying polio, etc) I mean, since polio has been iradicated in our country, I didn’t get the shot. But its not iradiated in the world, so someone that has it could come across the border, and it would be detrimental to this country.

Its a tough deal. I wish I had some answers.


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