Moving on up

I’ve decided to “upgrade” to the free sites here at wordpress. I feel like its kinda trendy, but the layouts here are much better than those at blogspot. I mean seriously, whereas before I had sparse color, now I have a picture of grass at the top of my blog. What could be better?

I’d like to somehow get the domain name, but I’m not quite sure how to do that at this time. If you know how, please feel free to tell me.

I left class early this morning because a storm was headed toward murfressboro that was “capable of producing baseball sized hail”. Since I have liability only on my vehicle, I decided it to be in my best interest to move the car to the parking garage at the hospital. I ran to my car as the rain started, and no sooner did I turn on the ignition did the tornado sirens start to blare. It doesn’t matter that I’ve heard those sirens go off a million times and nothings ever happened, but whenever its dark outside and you hear the siren first crank up, something about that makes my adrenaline pump.

No tornado was ever spotted. The radar showed a brief rotation creating a hook echo, but it disapated fairly quickly and missed the boro by a few miles. I drove out towards Lascassas though and there was some pretty good wind damage out there. Large limbs broken off of trees and one house had some significant damage on the roof and some to the front porch, where it appeared that the winds blew down one of the support columns.

I’m sitting in my apartment right now, while Carrie’s at lunch with a friend.

Big news coming tomorrow. Huge. Probably won’t blog about it until Saturday though. If you know what it is, keep quiet.


4 responses to “Moving on up

  1. Ben Bargagliotti

    I think I know the news, and its really a lot tougher than you think it will be to do.

  2. They will be adding domains as a paid feature in the near future.

  3. I found your website after I have been surfing the internet to be useful

  4. Logging into this website should be a requirement for anyone knowledgeable on earth these days…

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