Song I’m working on

I used to think it was all about me
my individualistic christianity
Sure I’m doing enough. Yeah, I’m doing it right

I go to church three times a week, I read my bible every day
I’m walking the narrow path to make sure that I pass through the pearly gates
Sure, I’m doing enough. Yeah, I’m doing it right

I vote republican straight ticket, Jesus was a GOP
against illegal immigration and smut that’s on tv
Sure I’m doing enough. Yeah, I’m doing it right

One day I opened up my eyes and read the Bible differently
I saw the Jesus of the gospel had some angry words for me
Sure you’re doing “enough” but you are doing it right.

He said “I’m not solely your savior… I should also be your Lord”
And I said to “love your neighbor” and “do not forget the poor”
“Salvation isn’t just what happens after you have died
the Kingdom of God is here and now, you’ve got to realize

That this isn’t just about you and how morally you live
Its for living life for others, don’t receive before you give
I came down to live among you not just be a sacrifice
so follow my example for it IS eternal life.

I scratched off all the bumper stickers that now looked so arrogant
and I threw out all of the tshirts and people didn’t understand
“You aren’t doing enough. Why aren’t you doing it right?”

And I said they’ll know me by the love I show because of him
Not by politics or riches or by hiding all my sin
“I’ll never quite do enough, but I’ll strive to be righteous”


One response to “Song I’m working on

  1. A bit wordy perhaps, but outstanding content. All the best for your engagement, too. Peace.

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