STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community

Doctor Blames Viagra, Lack Of Sex Education

POSTED: 12:26 am EDT May 27, 2006
UPDATED: 2:12 am EDT May 27, 2006
Doctors said sexually transmitted diseases among senior citizens are running rampant at a popular Central Florida retirement community, according to a Local 6 News report.
A gynecologist at The Villages community near Orlando, Fla., said she treats more cases of herpes and the human papilloma virus in the retirement community than she did in the city of Miami.
“Yeah, they are very shocked (to hear the diagnosis),” gynecologist Dr. Colleen McQuade said. “I had a patient in her 80s.”
“More and more senior citizens are ending up in the gynecologist office, and their diagnosis is a sexually transmitted disease,” Local 6 reporter Vanessa Medina said.

Local 6 featured Louis Franklin, who used to date in the community at least three times a week.
“I have had a better dating life since I have been here than I have ever had,” Franklin said. “I know there are things going around.”
A doctor blamed Viagra, a lack of sex education and no risk for pregnancy for the spike in sexually transmitted diseases at The Villages.
“All I can repeat are the things I have heard which are things like, ‘Should I bring the little blue pills over tonight?'” community singles group president Richard Matwyshen said.
Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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