Health and Wealth Theology

Sometimes I turn on TBN or the 700 club just to see what’s going on in the world of crazy christianity. (I’d like to call it something else, but nothing comes to mind).

The other night, I was watching one of the many Christian stations in Nashville when a feature came on starring an african american lady. She began her story talking about how poor she was and how she was watching Oral Roberts on television. He mentioned in his show that the Holy Spirit was a He. Apparently this struck said lady so much that she decided to call the prayer line. I’m not sure why the HS’s gender struck her so much. I was always under the impression that it was gender neutral, being as its not a human, but whatever works for Oral I guess.

Long story short, she talked to a prayer partner and they gave mailed her some pamphlets from OR that explained step by step how to receive the Holy Spirit. Once again I learned something new, apparently if you follow the directions carefully the Holy Spirit will enter right in, but if you don’t know the code, he just kinda floats around. After following the instructions carefully, said black lady was very excited because she received the Holy Spirit. What did this Spirit tell her to do? SEND ORAL ROBERTS MONEY!

Well, they don’t call it money on that broadcast. I think they called it a “seed gift” or something to that effect. I’m sure you can guess what happened when she “planted” the seed right? Yep. You guessed it. She just randomly graduated from college and got a job. The holy spirit apparently sent her a diploma in the mail and sent her resume to some jobs. Anyway, she continues to give more money to Oral Roberst ministries ( isn’t he dead) and of course she just gets more and more money from the Holy Spirit.

These kind of things make me angry. I feel like they are so misleading, and really kinda fraudulant. Sure, we receive more than we give, but what we receive is not necessarily monitary. Sometimes, its part of what the bible likes to call “eternal life” or “life to the full”. God knows that money will not make us happy (despite what Oral Roberts and friends will tell you) but he knows that living a life where you aren’t so concerned about your own desires as with helping others will bring you joy.

Now, back to watching sportscenter.


4 responses to “Health and Wealth Theology

  1. It’s really sad when you get someone who doesn’t even know Who the Holy Spirit is & yet they feel qualified to take potshots at godly men & women. Lord forgive him for his ignorance for he doesn’t know what he’s talking about; please open the eyes of his understanding that he might know you and receive eternal life that only Jesus can give! Regardless of what you think about TBN or any other entity or person that preaches the gospel – Jesus said if they preach that Jesus is the Way to heaven leave them alone!

  2. So if someone was preaching Jesus is the way to heaven, but they also preached that you could have sex with whomever you wanted, should we leave them alone?

    Marlena, Health and Wealth theology is in complete contradicition with what Jesus taught. I”m sure you remember him saying to “Sell all you have and give to the poor”. Or, I’m sure you also remember that the New Testament church had everything in common. They gave to each according to his need.

    Doesn’t sound like health and wealth to me.

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