Lots of things to say; no time to say it

To the few who read my blog, I apologize for the lack of posting. Like I’ve stated in the title, I’ve been thinking through a great many things.

 Over at Greg Kendall- Ball’s site (www.kendallball.net) there has been a discussion on whether or not capitalism can jive with Christianity and social justice. The post was mediocre, but the comments get pretty in depth. That’s where I’ve been spending my free internet moments.

Also, some good discussion over at Steve and Chrissy Holt’s blog, www.harvestboston.net . Steve (and others) are struggling as to how involved Christians should be in politics. Should we be Jim Wallises, or should we be more like David Lipscomb? Good questions and lots of thoughts.

 I have been thinking a good deal about Reformed Theology as well. After joining the message boards at Derek Webb’s site, and after realizing he was Reformed, I did a little research again. My opinion is that reformed theology pushes me more towards universalism (Jesus died for everyone’s sins. We’re all forgiven. Some just don’t know it) than I’ve all ready been moving.

 Anyway, hopefully I will have a better post soon. The wedding planning is really starting to get going, and I just got a new apartment for the fall. Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys are touring the nation right now. You should check out their music at www.myspace.com/rocketboys


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