God’s Kingdom: Social Justice?

Social Justice. What is it? Many people have many different answers to a question that is central to the Christian Faith.

“How can it be central.” you might ask. “The words ‘social justice’ never come together in the bible.

You would be right there. I can’t think of any mention of the words ‘social’ and ‘justice’ put beside each other in the bible. However, I think its pretty clear from the beginning that God desired for those with plenty to help those less fortunate.

I can’t give scriptural quotations for any of these things, but I will assure you they are in your bible. First, in the OT, God’s Law told people to set aside the wheat on the ouskirts of fields for the poor to harvest. His intentions were to make it where the poor always have a place to eat, even when times are extremely hard. Another example from the Old Testament is the Year of Jubilee. Its interesting to note, that while commanded by God, Israel never in its entire history had a Jubilee. The point of Jubilee was, I believe, every fifty years all debts were erased and everything started at zero.

Then, when Jesus comes along, we see God incarnate eating with, fellowshipping, and living among the poor and the broken. He didn’t come with a message to the poor that if they just got their stuff together, they could be rich like everyone else. He empathized with them, and he said “blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” The poor understand the Kingdom of God much more easily than do those that are rich.

In short, God cares about the poor and the outcast. He desires for all of us to strive for justice in the lives of those who have arrived at poverty because of an injust system and he asks us to help those who have made bad decisions,not just monitarily, but socially. Loving our neighbor is the root message of christianity, but our neighbor isn’t just the family next door in suburbia. Its the single mother with three kids on welfare living in the projects downtown. Its the homeless man you pass every morning sleeping on a park bench outside of your office. Its the gang bangers and the addicts. The prosititutes and pimps. Its the least of these. Its social justice


5 responses to “God’s Kingdom: Social Justice?

  1. i’m going to need to borrow some books.

  2. OK, Justin. I’m on board. Where do we start?


  3. Steve,

    I, like you, have thought about this a good deal, and haven’t come to any great conclusions. There are different solutions for different groups of people. One thing is certain, and that is that there isn’t ONE answer. In Africa, when we send exorbatant sums of money to poverty striken nations with dictators… the vast majority doesn’t go to the people that need it. I would say that there, we have to go independently and help however we can. And we can’t give aid through the government unless we know that its not propping up tyranical governments. Its hard, because you don’t want to look like you dislike the people. And you see the results of sending aid to corrupt regimes with North Korea. Maybe without our aid, the people would have risen up against Kim Jong Il, but with aid, they are still starving and the state can afford to make nuclear weapons.

    Domestically, I think creating businesses that help minorities get skills (such as HOPEWORKS) are the best options. Business might not be the best word… organizations. But even starting businesses in the inner city and give some opportunity to those that need it. The problem is, its hard to make a profit there because so much is spent on loss prevention, and most of those areas are depressed.

    We can keep thinking about it though… cause something needs to be done. I just think there’s got to be something that can be done without force of government.

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