Moving out: For good this time

This time its final.

I know, I thought that the Summer of 2005 would be my last in Memphis, yet here I am, sitting at an office a mere 7 miles from my house, working a desk job. So when I say that this is my last time living with my family, I’m sure it doesn’t hold much weight. However, this time its certain.

The apartment I’m moving into is the one I will share with Carrie when we get married next June. A year from now, my family will be moving from Memphis to Nashville as well… so the city that has been my home for 21 years will no longer be my home, nor the home of my parents. Of course, while this is kinda sad, there are some high points as well.

First off… I WILL BE MARRIED! And not only will I be married, but I’ll be married to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known, both inside and out. Second, my family will be much closer than they are now. Granted, Memphis isn’t too far away from Nashville, but the 3.5 hour journey from the boro back home is a little cumbersome. Its not a long enough drive to stop, but its long enough where the last thirty minutes start to drive you nuts.

Third, did I mention I’ll be married?

Anyway, in the next month I’ll be saying my goodbyes to a city with which I have a love hate relationship. I’ll probably blog about that pretty soon.


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