War and Peace

All day long I’ve been thinking about this and how its going to effect our lives and the lives of countless citizens of this earth in the next couple weeks or months.

Jesus offers us some challenging words in regards to how to respond to violence. Turn the other cheek. What does that mean, exactly, and how should that apply in my life?

Some would argue that its a completely personal thing. Personal enemy and personal response. If someone I know hits me… I shouldn’t retaliate.  Others believe that it is beyond that. I should never show violence towards anyone. And finally, some believe that this call to pacifism should be an ideal of governments. Basically, when someone lobs a bomb at you… don’t do anything.

I have trouble with all of these responses. I think maybe they are all right to an extent… or maybe all partially right. Maybe if someone hits me, I shouldn’t hit them back. But, if someone is threatening the life of another, and I have the opportunity to save them, even if it causes harm to someone, should I do it? Or, can I support my government in war, even though my christian ethic believes violence is wrong? Or is governmental violence wrong in every situation. Was it wrong for us to fight in WW2? Was it wrong to drop the atomic bombs on Japan? It killed and injured many, many people. However, it saved a lot of lives (american and japanese) that would have been lost in a ground invasion of that country.

How does a true disciple of Christ follow the “turn the other cheek” teaching ?


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