Liberal Hypocracy

Is it possible to be “liberal” without being smug?

 I wonder that alot, because I’ve noticed it in myself. It seems that my level of enlightenment on a subject is directly proportional to how much of a jerk I am about it. Maybe its just my personality, but  observation of others who have gone through, or are going through similar transformations shows that, while its not true in every situation, its definitely a perilous trap in which we’re in danger of falling.

Probably the biggest area of hypocrisy is the area of tolerance. Liberalism preaches tolerance of ideas, lifestyles, etc. Yet, what is the one thing that is intolerable for those that claim the moral high ground of tolerance? Its intolerant people. You know, Republicans, the religious right, capitalists, fundamentalists, the works. Those that aren’t tolerant of others are treated condescendingly by those that view them as simple minded or just plain wrong.

“But they are wrong,” you might say. Sure, I might agree with you about lots of things they are wrong about, but if we want to teach them tolerance for others worldviews that don’t match up with theirs, we have to show tolerance in return.


6 responses to “Liberal Hypocracy

  1. That’s one challenge to me about how Jesus treated people. The only people he had little or no tolerance for were those that thought they had it all figured out.

  2. Right, so just as people who think they have it all figured out may judge us, we still shouldn’t judge them, because, despite what we may think, if we think we have it all figured out, we are just like them.

    I think that was a run on sentence.

  3. I agree. When we think we have it all figured out, growth in our relationship with Christ comes to a halt, and it doesn’t do much for our other relationships either.

  4. wow. my run on sentence is sandwiched between two english teachers

  5. And yet it makes sense, which is the ultimate goal.

    Maybe that’s what Christ meant when he talked about how we judge others is how we’ll be judged. He judged, but that’s because he could. Just because he did, doesn’t necessarily give us the right to. Maybe. Still not sure about that…

  6. Speck in your brothers eye and log in your own comes to mind…

    I feel like there is a way to be critical without being judgemental. Its a tough thing. I think health and wealth gospel is pretty much disgusting.. but how do I speak out against it without coming across as being absolute and one hundred percent right. Its that whole “I’ve got one foot in modernity and the other in POMO” thing.

    Anyway, thanks for the thoughts guys!

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