My Fiancee is on her way

She’ll be here all weekend. Maybe no posts for a few days. Don’t fret. I’ll be back.


4 responses to “My Fiancee is on her way

  1. Justin,

    I originally came here from GKB’s blog months ago.

    I have lurked here for awhile because I really like your tone, thoughts and sincerity.

    I have always enjoyed your posts on GKB’s blog.

    Please keep up the great work here. We need more honest, pragmatic souls like yourself helping the rest of us understand the world we live in as we all seek God’s truth.

    I hope you enjoy your time with your wife-to-be this weekend. (I have never liked writing fiancee out, it just looks too much like “finance”, but perhaps this is due to my mild dyslexia?)

    My wife and I have had to be apart through much of our courtship and marriage and I always miss her dearly when we are apart.

    Semper Fi and God Bless,


  2. Thanks man, I really appreciate that. I’ve enjoyed your posts on GKB’s blog as well.

    I’ve heard through the grapevine that Baron is actually Greg in disguise… you know anything about this?

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