On Sunday, Carrie and I drove downtown to look at some condos in a redevelopment area. I’m really excited about New Urbanism, and I hope Carrie and I can afford to live in one someday. I think the opportunities for ministry will be great.

While we were downtown, we happened to be near the Lorraine Motel, home of the National Civil Rights Museum and the assasination point of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was interesting, especially, since I’ve lived in Memphis for 21 years and somehow have never made it to this historical landmark. I didn’t even know exactly where it was until yesterday.

Kinda funny that a public school kid in Memphis, TN never took a trip there, huh?

I’m working on a post for tomorrow about why we shouldn’t use the government in order to try and further the Kingdom.


7 responses to “MLK

  1. Is that lady who protests outside the Lorraine still there? I found her to be just about as interesting as the museum itself.

    Don’t feel bad about taking so long to see it. I grew up 40 miles from Indepedence Hall and didn’t go see the Liberty Bell until I was about 30. I’ve met lots of New Yorkers who have never been to the Statue of Liberty.

  2. The Lorraine is a marvelous place to visit. When I was preaching in Mississippi, I took a group of teens there every year. I think it is much more important than we have seen.

    There is a photo of Fred Gray and summary of his work in the Lorraine as well. It is often overlooked however which is sad. I wrote a blog in honor of Gray because of his recent recognition by the NAACP. It is called Fred Gray: Hero Laywer” and can be accessed at:

    Check it out. Your kindness in mentioning my blog in your previous post is great indeed. I am humbled and honored.

    Bobby Valentine
    Stoned-Campbell Disciple

  3. Mark,

    Yes, she is still there. I walked up to ask her what she was protesting and she handed me an old clipping from USA Today. I think she’s got a point. The government runs plenty of things that are wasteful… and I imagine I’d be upset too getting kicked out of where I was living.


    I read your post the other day and enjoyed it. No problem about linking you, you deserve it. You’ve got a great blog.

  4. I understand where you are coming from. I’m still amazed how little I was taught of the civil rights movement growing up.

  5. I was taught things about it… just not all the positives. I heard the negative aspects. I heard that MLK was a womanizer, a communist, and that he would stir up people, talk about non violence, and then people would riot.

    My papaw had some hard feelings about the whole deal… he struggled with racism his whole life. Somewhat a product of his surroundings (mississippi) but even as he got much better in his old age, and even befriended a black woman at his office, she ended up stealing from him and that set him back 50 years. Its sad.

  6. Found your blog via Scott’s and enjoying reading it. I hope to visit the CR museum soon myself. My wife and I were talking about it recently. I’m in Memphis a couple of times a year as my sister lives there (Collierville), but we’ve never made it there yet.

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