Is there something wrong with this picture?

I’ve pretty much decided if you are a pacifist and/or a socialist and you aren’t doing it for spiritual reasons, you are dumb. I know that’s harsh, but abiding by those principles if you believe that we are all just the most evolved animals and that life has no purpose is idiotic. If I didn’t believe in God, I would look after number one at all cost.


4 responses to “Ridiculous

  1. How in the world is being anti-war not looking out for one’s self? I don’t like war, I’m not going to war.

    If you want war good for you. Go. Enjoy. Take Bush’s daughters while your at. Maybe a few of those rich fools in Congress have a son or daughter you can sign up with.

    As for me, I did my time. This war is nonsense.

  2. Actually, I wanna say I heard the other day that those in Congress have a higher percentage of relatives (neices, nephews, sons daughters) serving in Iraq than the general population does.

    If I’m solely look after myself (and my family) I’m going to want to protect where I live from foreign issues. If someone wants to blow me up, I’m gonna blow them up first.

    Wars are bad, there is no doubt about that, but I don’t think you can say that people should have sat around twiddling their thumbs (which they did for a while anyway) as Hitler executed milions of people.

    Gonzo? Did you even read the article? Do you not think it ridiculous that someone who won the Noble Peace Prize wants to kill President Bush? How is she any better than he is?

  3. Hopefully I have higher motives than the dear lady in the article.

    Bobby Valentine

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