I’m headed to Nashville today and North Carolina tomorrow, and in the spirit of a road trip, I thought I’d write something a little less angry.

Justin’s Essential Road Trip Items

1. iPod, charger, adapter for stereo
2. Portable DVD player and two seasons of The West Wing
3. Raisenettes
4. Cash (its a bad thing when you’re stuck in nowheresville with no money
5. Bible/McLaren book
6. Cell Phone
7. Derek Webb “Mockingbird”

What are your essentials for a road trip?


27 responses to “Essentials

  1. Anonymous Person

    I wonder how those “essentials” fit with the needs of the majority of people in the world…

  2. Don’t forget to do the Dew … gotta keep the Dew flowing on a road trip!

  3. Michael Gossett

    Dew. Starburst. Fruit2O. Blankets. Cameras.

    The rest is about what you find along the way.

  4. Man. I totally forgot a camera. I suck at roadtrips.

    I’m not a fan of carbonation, otherwise I would be “doing the dew”

    Thanks Michael. Wish you were coming to Nashville for school

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