Government and the Kingdom Part 2

Apparently, socialism isn’t bringin the Eutopia that it always seems to promise for the poor in France.  Homeless are being given tents by a private group in order to show their plight to the government. The Socialist Party “wants them moved” while the conservatives “want them gone. The group paying for the tents is trying to call attention to the problem and is saying they will take back a tent for every permanent house given to a homeless person.

I have an idea. Why don’t these people raise money and buy houses for the homeless themselves?

I’m so frustrated by this whole… I don’t know what to call it, arrogance on the part of those that think wealth redistribution through the government is how we should help the poor. I’ve been involved in a discussion over at Larry James Urban Daily, wanting to know more about poverty since James is involved with the poor on a day to day basis. However, my opinions are pretty much not welcome there. Any time I comment, I am talked down to. I’ve been told in so many words that the only reason I believe what I do is because its what my parents and church taught me, that I am a rich kid who doesn’t understand poverty, and that I’m a racist.

In all honesty, it hurts my feelings. I do want to know more about what I can do, and I think Larry’s ministry is doing great things, but just like when he spoke at Memphis Workcamp last year, whenever I read his responses to me, I feel as if he’s talking down to me like he’s the only one that really understands how to fix poverty.

I realize this is a little incoherent, but I’m just frustrated and wishing I had a little support.


3 responses to “Government and the Kingdom Part 2

  1. giving them a house is not solving the problem.. why are they poor in the first place? Are they poor because they have no house or is having no house a consequence of their povrety? Answer is obvious to me but maybe I am missing something.

  2. You’re not wrong in your thoughts, many of the problems with the whole thought of wealth redistribution is that it does nothing to encourage personal responsablity and help the poor to learn to be self sufficent. In this country we’ve had 40 years of the ‘Great Society’ as announced by Pres. Johnson and still the poverty rate is almost unchanged and you have 4 or 5 generations of the same family all collecting assistance. Just giving money is not the answer.

  3. Your two part article on the Kingdom & civil powers is very insightful. I appreciate all such good clear christian thinking. It is only because of your articles that I mention this, but I think you would enjoy my recent book with John Mark Hicks of David Lipscomb University called “Kingdom Come.” It is available through

    Thanks again for being a provoker of thought. I responded to your email, I hope you got it.

    Bobby Valentine

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