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Weird Google Search Term #1

I’m stealing this idea from Greg Kendall-Ball

Someone found my site recently searching “Gennifer Flowers Nude Pictures”



Using the Government to Bring the Kingdom

Jesus never used force to bring the Kingdom.

When he told the Rich Young Ruler all he lacked to be saved was to “sell all you have and give it to the poor”, he didn’t chase him down, grab him, and send the disciples to forcably take his things and give them to the poor. Jesus, while asking some pretty huge things of us, was not Robin Hood. He didn’t rob the rich to give to the poor. He left that decision to us.

Sure, he knows its the best thing, for us to live on less and give away more. He knows it and he’s told us, and if we really want to follow him, we should strive daily to do more of that. However, what I don’t understand is where the idea has come from that we use the government to force charity.

Besides the fact that its economically not feasible, what kind of message does that send to the “rich” among us who aren’t Christians? When people deicde to raise taxes for a war that people have moral obligations to, it doesn’t make them support the war. The same thing happens when taxes are raised for social programs (ones especially that have a poor record of helping people). People revolt against it. When you force someone to do something they don’t want to do… it causes them to not want to do it even more.

So what do we do then? People are starving! Well… maybe here’s where some evangelism comes into play.

Tell people about Jesus. Tell them that salvation isn’t just about getting to heaven after you die, but about living abundant life here on earth. Tell them that things will never fill them up, but they will be filled when they give. But give them the opportunity and encourage them to make more, because they might not just be doing it for themselves at that point. What if Donald Trump started willingly working to make more money to support a Pregnant Homeless Women Crisis center? How great would that be?

Tell people about Jesus. Explain salvation. Let the Holy Spirit change people. Force isn’t necessary. We just think we need it cause we aren’t trusting God.


Is there something wrong with this picture?

I’ve pretty much decided if you are a pacifist and/or a socialist and you aren’t doing it for spiritual reasons, you are dumb. I know that’s harsh, but abiding by those principles if you believe that we are all just the most evolved animals and that life has no purpose is idiotic. If I didn’t believe in God, I would look after number one at all cost.


On Sunday, Carrie and I drove downtown to look at some condos in a redevelopment area. I’m really excited about New Urbanism, and I hope Carrie and I can afford to live in one someday. I think the opportunities for ministry will be great.

While we were downtown, we happened to be near the Lorraine Motel, home of the National Civil Rights Museum and the assasination point of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was interesting, especially, since I’ve lived in Memphis for 21 years and somehow have never made it to this historical landmark. I didn’t even know exactly where it was until yesterday.

Kinda funny that a public school kid in Memphis, TN never took a trip there, huh?

I’m working on a post for tomorrow about why we shouldn’t use the government in order to try and further the Kingdom.

You should check out these sites

Steve Holt talks about how one of the biggest reasons that people become atheists is because of Christians. He has a link to a place where Christians can dialogue (and maybe apologize) about and for being “Jerks for Jesus”

Once upon a time in my republichristian phase, I said some pretty crazy things. I hope Greg Kendall-Ball never over heard me. See what he heard at Pizza Hut on Sunday.

Healthy Daily Practices for Lovers (of God) over at Stoned-Campbell Disciple

Highland Youth Group’s mantra used to be following ABC, making people feel accepted, belonging, and cared for. Larry James talks about how that could affect those that are impoverished.

I’ve been reading Andrew Sullivan at the daily dish spontaneously for the past two years. You should too.

job search

I am looking for a job in the nashville/murfreesboro area. Some thing I can get at least 20 hours a week and at least 9 dollars an hour. I’ve worked in law firms, pharmecudical companies, a collection agency, as well as in retail, day care, and food service (fast food and waiting tables).

I’m gonna be back in Middle Tennessee Second week of August. Its really important that I find a good job since I’m going to be getting married next June and I’m trying to get as big a nest egg as possible (as well as save for the wedding).

If you have any leads, I would really appreciate it!

My Fiancee is on her way

She’ll be here all weekend. Maybe no posts for a few days. Don’t fret. I’ll be back.