Why I Am No longer a Republican and Will Never Be A Democrat

Why I am no longer a Republican

1. Jerry Falwell

2. Pat Robertson

3. Sean Hannity

4. People that listen to those three people and don’t want to throw up afterwards

5. Premillenialist churches that believe a total Republican rule will make Jesus come


6. Ann Coulter

7. James Dobson

Why I will never be a democrat

1. James Carville

2.  Michael Moore

3. Randy Rhodes

4. Hollywood

5. Many leaders tend to be smug and condescending, believing that anyone who disagrees with is a racist, a bigot, an idiot, or just hates poor people.

6. Many have little or no knowledge of economics. At least I hope that’s the problem, cause if it isn’t, its utter disregard for economics

7. I believe the Democratic Party, which claims to be the tolerant party, is completely intolerant of those that disagree with them. I guess hypocrisy is a one word summation of that thought.

8. I believe their welfare programs have harmed the African American culture in this country in order to keep political power. People talk about Republicans opressing the poor, the Democrats do it under the guise of “caring”, which is even more desipicable.

Neither of these parties has enough redeeming qualities that I can get excited about voting for them. I can’t bring myself to withdraw completely from American Politics, if for no other reason than I think God can use the people of America to put whatever government he wants into power. He gave me a brain, and he’s put me in a country where we have a choice about who leads us, so maybe I should pray about it and come up with a decision. This decision must be electing candidates that i believe create an ideal circumstance for the Kingdom to break in, without forcing the Kingdom to break in. This, in my opinion, is neither Republicans or Democrats because both parties try to accomplish the will of God through the government; through obscenity laws and wealth redistribution respectively. I think I’m going to vote as a libertarian, if for no other reason besides the fact that they will legislate as little as possible and use the government only for essential matters. This will free up tax money that can be returned to the people and used to continue funding as well as begin new Non Profit poverty relief organizations.

But regardless of who I vote for, Jesus is my President. He isn’t just my savior. He is my Lord. No government of American will change that or replace him.


11 responses to “Why I Am No longer a Republican and Will Never Be A Democrat

  1. Why I am not a Christian:
    1. Superficiality
    2. Pick-Choose Theology about scriptures
    3. The majority of Christians who don’t even try to act like Jesus
    4. List goes one…

    I can list a few negatives about something and label it bad — doesn’t mean it’s always bad — find the good and praise it.

    What bothers you so much about wealth redistribution? I thought that was a Biblical concept…

  2. I can understand where you are coming from Dman. I dislike those same exact things about Christianity.

    But see, the thing is, I’m not following other Christians. I’m following Christ. There are plenty of people who wear his name, call him their savior, but don’t make him their Lord. I was one of those for a while. I’m now trying to make him my master.

    As for wealth redistribution, I guess it would be more clear to call it government wealth redistribution. I don’t think its fair to those who do not profess to be Christian to be forced to “give” a huge amount of their income in taxes. It doesn’t make them want to help the poor. It makes them jaded by the government that is forcing them to give. If they learned to give on their own, much better things could be accomplished.

  3. Part of the reason for tithing laws in the Old Testament was for taking care of people who had no land on which to sustain themselves.

    Deut. 14.28-29: At the end of every three years, bring all the tithes of that year’s produce and store it in your towns, so that the Levites (who have no allotment or inheritance of their own) and the aliens, the fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.

    Apparently, God had to legislate it because the people couldn’t be trusted to give on their own.

  4. That’s what I told people about following David Koresh, but no one saw a difference in the terminology.

    Are secular humanists not concerned about the welfare of their society? It sounds like you think helping the poor is an exclusively Christian concept. Are you masking the argument and using “non-Christians” as the scapegoat because your so enthused with the idea that Christianity can save the world and that anything apart from that would destroy your faith or belief in God’s power?

    What do you have against the government? They’re the most powerful behemoth in our society and nothing can hold a candle to it’s ability to provide for the welfare of all of its people. And it’s efficient… If Christians aren’t taking the world by storm with their charity now, what makes you think they are going to do it if the government stepped down. The church’s ability for massive welfare died out in the Depression.

    The Bible even says that God uses governments for his will and justice (Romans)… I still don’t see what your big aversion to government is — maybe Christians should be more willing to accept the government’s role in providing for people…

  5. God also told the Israelites to bash infants heads on the rocks. Jesus didn’t come to legislate, he changed peoples hearts so they didn’t need laws.

    The Israelites never followed the laws of Jubilee. It never happened in this history of israel. Legislating morality never works. It didn’t work when God tried it, it doesn’t work when republicans or democrats try it. The only way to accomplish a moral and justice society is through hearts that are changed by Christ’s love.

  6. You need to read Psalm 137 again. God did not say to dash babies heads against rocks. That was the lament of a man who was sorrowful about being held captive in Babylon and was hoping that the same things that happened to Israelite children happened to the Babylonian children as well.

    However, I do agree that legislating morality is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, many of our politicians seem to think that banning gay marriage is more important than finding a way to reduce poverty. And I also agree that neither democrats nor republicans are doing a good job.

    You mentioned that God will use the American people to put whatever government he wants into power. I agree with this as well, and this helps me to not worry so much over whom to vote for. I think that we as Americans have made voting into almost a form of idolotry in that we spend too much time agonizing over who will be elected rather than trusting that God’s will is going to happen regardless.

  7. Now that I can agree with. I don’t subscribe to the God make this happen arguments so much as the God’s will can happen with whatever situation occurs. If a democrat or a republican is elected, God’s will can happen and there can be inbreaking of the Kingdom. When a major disaster happens (ie Katrina) God didn’t make it happen, but we can help show the love of Christ because it happened.

    I do agree that voting can become idolotry. Nationalism in any form can… which is why its a dangerous thing. We really have to walk a thin line in regards to politics. That’s why I’m backing away from supporting candidates anymore. I still have views on what system could best bring the kingdom, but I know that the kingdom can come under any circumstances. I mean, shoot. Nero was waaaay worse than president Bush. He was right up there with Saddam Hussein. Yet, Christianity thrived under his rule.

  8. Dman,

    sorry my blog thinks you are spam for some reason. I apologize.

    I think, if there were no God, the most rational system would be that of Social Darwinism. I look after myself and do what I please, so long as its not infringing on others rights provided them by the constitution. (Life, Liberty, Pursuit of happiness)

    The government is not efficient when it comes to helping other people. Welfare has screwed over the African Community to an almost unfixable point. Its made them slaves to the government, rather than slaves to a white master. They don’t have to work in fields anymore, but they still must vote for the right people and stay impoverished and wait on a check coming in the mail. Its sickening.

    You are right, God uses the government for his will and Justice. Next time God comes down and starts talking to president bush, we’ll do something. But as for now Jesus called people to care for the poor, and he never forced anyone to do anything. The rich young ruler walked away. Zaccheus only gave half of everything he owned. Jesus didn’t ask for more. All governments end up being substitutes for God. He can use them, but they are human and so ultimately will fail. They also fail because, unlike businesses, they can’t go out of business (or they don’t thnk they can, until they screw things up so badly that people revolt). The government can do good things, but depending on the government to do Kingdom work is wrong. WE are the ones who are supposed to help the poor. We are not supposed to steal from other people in order to do what we are supposed to be doing.

  9. I still don’t understand why both can’t be involved… The government is not forcing anybody’s hand. The government was established by the people to provide for the welfare of all of its citizens. Welfare, simply-put, is well-being — that encompasses everything — defense, roads, transportation — not just TANF, Food stamps, minimum wage, EITC, etc. If it weren’t for the government, you’d be on your own traveling across the open spaces to get places. You wouldn’t have subsidized student loans to help you through college.

    I don’t see why we pick and choose government services to blaspheme the ones with the most visibility for those in need so that we can champion our own religious beliefs. Though most of the founding fathers were somewhat Christian, the government still operates from the humanist perspective in providing for the welfare of its citizens.

    Government is actually very efficient. I’ve seen little or no data to prove otherwise. Welfare hasn’t screwed over the African Community — it has helped a lot of people — but new people come onto the system due to the negative effects of capitalism — That’s where government intercedes, to counterbalance the negative “waste” of capitalism.

  10. We the people of the United States, in order form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare…. etc

    Providing the general welfare and promoting it are two differing things. I can promote it by ensuring that people are treated fairly in a court of law and that our laws create the most incentive for economic development that is possible. If I’m providing, then the government is paying for welfare, and that is not what its supposed to do.

    I think you’re getting me mixed up with crazy fundamentalist republichristians here, dman. The government was never intended to be a nanny state. I dislike government programs for anyone. Tax money shouldn’t be redistributed. The common welfare means common welfare, roads, defense, etc. I believe there is very little else that the government should do. The Government, in my opinion, is there to protect individual rights of people. A law telling me not to steal from someone else is a good law. A law telling me I have to wear a seatbelt while driving is infringing on my right to be a moron. That is a bad law.

    We have way too much government intrusion in our lives as it is. I believe that if the government stopped taking money out of peoples pockets, and maybe even gave them some incentive to donate to charity (Americans don’t really need that. We give an amazing amount of money to charity every year) we could do much more amazing things. The Government has a lot of money at its disposal, but what it lacks is the ability to build relationships on a small scale. There are projects full of people who get a check every month, but don’t have a friend there saying “Look, you can do this. You have the ability. And what ability you don’t have, I will teach you”. The only voices there hear are politicians telling them they cannot do anything without the government. The man will just hold them down. You need to vote for us or you will go hungry. Republicans want to starve you, etc. When a person hears enough that they can’t do something, they start to believe it. Welfare has done a lot better since it was reformed by Republicans and Clinton in the mid nineties, but before that it was an absolute disaster.

    Dman said “Government is efficient”

    Haha. You been to the DMV before? or the registrars office? Or have you ever called the SSA or any other government office. I don’t know that they know the meaning of efficiency.

    Or, how about relief getting to Katrina victims. It wasn’t just a Republican problem. massive failure on the part of the federal government happened due to communication lapses in bureaucracy. You know who was one of the first groups that made it down there? Wal Mart.

  11. “Efficiency” is a general term for the value assigned to a situation by some measure designed to capture the amount of waste present

    “Customer service” is the provision of labour and other resources, for the purpose of increasing the value that buyers receive from their purchases

    So, because you have to sit in line for a few minutes, something is not “efficient” — I think you’re definitions are askew.

    Efficiency is related to the direct, stated goals of a program — therefore, the provision of funds/resources – waste is admin costs, not the time YOU spend in acquiring resources. Therefore, government is efficient. Find administrative costs for government programs — most are around 2% — That’s low compared to the private sector — you may lose a little on customer service, but you actually get the resources efficiently.

    Also, as you define welfare — the DMV, SSA, and registrar have NOTHING to do with welfare — Ever sat on hold with a company? — Government ain’t so bad then. Besides, government offices typically are crowded around the first and last of each month. I’ve been to the DMV in the middle of the month and never had to wait at all. Timing is of the essence.

    Government has always stated that it is not always the best deliverer of services pertaining to certain community needs. That’s what government grants are for. Government provides basic social welfare and then gives over 400 billion dollars in grants every year — Grants for private/religious organizations that may be able to better-tailor services to a given community. Most religious social services out there use some form of government grants, so if you take away the gov’t. you’ll be left with a big hole for religious groups to fill. Ask any nonprofit where their funding comes from… Government will almost always be an important source.

    I’m not labeling you or getting you mixed up with anybody. I’m simply arguing with what you’re saying. But maybe you feel pidgeon-holed because you think your beliefs are different and yet they are not as different as you think or wish.

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