Weird Google Search Term #2

Yesterday, someone found my blog searching “drinking alcohol at abilene christian”



3 responses to “Weird Google Search Term #2

  1. Michael Gossett

    How do you know how someone stumbles across your blog? I think it is interesting.

  2. Well, you can use statcounter and register your blog, or if you join the wonderful world of wordpress, it tells you all of your blog stats. For example, how many people have visited your site, ip addys of commenters. What city that IP comes from and the name of the server, also, it tells you what search terms pull up your blog. It doesn’t mean they actually click on it, just that when they searched it, your blog came up. Someone searched “Daniel Wade” singing they other day and got my blog too.

  3. Somebody googled “beer chugging how to” and found my blog.

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