Multiple thoughts for the day

First off, I want to apologize for not updating yesterday. I know promised, and I know that my throng of adoring fans (all seven of them) were probably waiting in agony to hear my thoughts on the recent developments, such as the BP pipeline that is going offline, the Lebanon Israel crisis which is now involving Reuters News and propaganda pieces… oh yeah, and why I think youtube is simultaneously the devil and the greatest thing in the world.

Ok, for actual news in my life. I am back in Murfreesboro, settling into my apartment as I type. Carrie and I bought and put together a TV stand today, she joined my cell phone plan, we put up curtains in my room, took two trips to Ash Street Auto Repair today (one for oil change, and another when my battery died this afternoon) so needless to say, I’ve spent some cash in the last 6 hours. Oh, I’ve also called Comcast and will be getting cable installed on Thursday.

On to youtube. Has anyone checked out video blogs? Apparently they’re all the rage amongst teenagers who enjoy having stalkers. When myspace and blogging aren’t quite enough, why don’t I video myself and put it on one of the most visited websites in the world? Anyway, several things have caught my attention of late. Some terrible, some funny, some brilliant, and some just plain weird.

Onto Israel/Hezbollah, apparently Reuters News has just pulled two photographs from publication because… well, they are faked. It appears the photographer used Photoshop to “dramatize” the pictures. You know, add more smoldering buildings after an Israeli airstrike, that kinda thing. Conservative bloggers picked up on it an Reuters pulled all of this photographers pictures. People have actually been skeptical for a while in regards to this guys pics (he took pictures of a recent “massacre” in the country. Now the public isn’t quite sure whether or not those photos, which probably helped Hezbollah recruit, were actually valid. Anyway, I’ve never been a fan of Reuters news, because they do tend to take the side of anyone fighting the United States. I don’t know that I’d like a completely unbiased news article (cause there really isn’t one) but I do believe, that while war is not the best answer to anything, if you have to pick a side, most of the time America isn’t fighting wars to kill as many civilians as possible. When Reuters starts taking the side of terrorist groups and tyrants, there’s a little cause for dislike in my humble opinion.

I’m still working on getting a job. I’m about to start reading Mere Discipleship by Lee Camp. I’m singing with zoe group on Saturday in Athens, AL. And that’s about it.


3 responses to “Multiple thoughts for the day

  1. Feel free to come on over to Discipleship Discussion and offer your perspective on the book. I’m sure that Tony will be glad to add you to the blog so that you can post.

  2. You will be challenged by Mere Discipleship. You may want to follow it up with a book like Kingdom Come by John Mark Hicks and Bobby Valentine.

    The fake news is a big deal I agree.

    Bobby Valentine

  3. Great idea by Bobby.
    I’m teaching through Mere Discipleship now and his “Kingdom Come” really has been a tremendous additional resource.

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