Central Dallas Ministries

Larry James is the CEO of Central Dallas Ministries, an organization that helps the poor and homeless in Dallas, TX. He and I don’t always agree on all methods of poverty relief (such as government funds) but we most certainly agree that the Church worldwide MUST be involved in helping the poor. That’s why I’m sending him a donation to help renovate a building in Dallas to house homeless as well as middle and upper class people. I think that community building, of those that have financial security with those that have nothing, will be a blessing to all involved, and that’s beside the fact that its going to put a roof over the heads of those who don’t often have one.

If you believe that Jesus was serious about not forgetting the poor, you should send a donation. Small or large. He needs 100,000 dollars really soon. Church, I know you are up for it.


2 responses to “Central Dallas Ministries

  1. Thanks for the props, Justin! Love you, man!

  2. WE need more people like you in this world – THANK YOU!

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