I am not good at grilling. Well, I’m really not even good enough to say not good. I’m probably just straight up terrible. This could stem from the fact that I’ve never grilled before… or it may just be a trend that will continue throughout my entire adult life. Anyway, yesterday, Carrie and I decided we wanted to grill out hamburgers. I bought a grill, some charcoal, and lighter fluid at Dollar General. This may have been my first mistake.

When Carrie and I arrived back at my apartment, we took the grill out of the box and began to assemble it. We soon found that there were FAR more pieces in this box than there were pieces on the directions. We should have expected that after paying a measly ten dollars for the grill, but hindsight is 20/20. After a grueling thirty minutes of putting together this mini grill, we finally had achieved some semblance of a charcoal grilling unit.

Excited about cooking my own hamburgers for the first time in my life, I quickly loaded up the grill with charcoal. I then doused it with lighter fluid, light a paper towel on fire, and whooosh, flames began to rise. After they burned for a minute or so, the flames began to die out, leaving charcoals still black and hardly warm. I repeated this pattern several times to no avail. Every time the fire would die and warm black charcoals would be left in the grill.

We gave up and ordered pizza instead.


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