An Inconsistant Truth: Al Gore and Global Warming

I just can’t jump on the bandwagon with this thing. I know, its not very emergent of me to be a planet hater (I’m really not) I just haven’t been convinced that we are the culprits of the warming climate. Evidence has come out that the computer models used by pro human caused warming scientists is faulty and will produce the same graphy despite what data is entered into it. Besides that, 30 years ago there was a cover story for Newsweek saying the planet was about to head into a new ice age unless we did something about it. There’s just a lot of inconsistancy involved in this.

Now, someone has done a little investigative journalism on Al Gore. Check it out here


4 responses to “An Inconsistant Truth: Al Gore and Global Warming

  1. From what I understand, global warming can change the circulation patterns of the oceans, which causes less warm air circulation in some areas, resulting in a colder climate in those areas. And some areas will be hotter. Melting glaciers dump fresh water in to the oceans, and this is what slows down the ocean currents. Or so they say.

  2. Exactly.

    When the earth warms, ice from the glaciers melt, which desalinatees the ocean. This desalination causes the gulf stream to slow or cease completely, which in turn cools off the northern hemisphere dramatically, or possibly causes another ice age. It seems like the cycle the earth has been going through for a while. It warms up and warms up until an ice age happens, and then it starts warming up again.

  3. you don’t spell very well.

  4. thanks. I’m dyslexic. Troll.

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