Israel Hezbollah: Day Two of Cease Fire

Congratulations to everyone that pushed for peace in Israel and Lebanon. You’ve gotten your wish. However, this peace won’t last for long. We’re finding out more and more than Iran and Syria were supporting Hezbollah with missiles and munitions. Not only that, but because Israel stopped fighting, Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria are declaring victory. And they will continue to win battles as long as the west can’t stomach civilian casualties. Islamofacists view us as weak and they know all that they much do to win is hole up near civilians and blow up civilians. Their entire gameplan revolves around harming those who have nothing to do with the fighting. These people are sick, and even as a Christian who is becoming more and more anti war, I think that we must defeat Islamofacism in our day, or it will be far worse for our children. As a matter of fact, we may be on the verge of fighting unseen on this world since the 40’s.

Iran, once again, is making inflamatory remarks against Israel. President Tom (Ahmadenijad) has been stepping up his rhetoric, never more clear than in the Mike Wallace 60 Minutes peice and in public statements in Iran, he’s been talking about the coming Islamic Messiah, which hardliners believe will not return until armegeddon begins. Speaking of that, we are one week away from the end of the world.

I’m really not sure what to do about this situation, which makes me glad I’m not President Bush or Tony Blair right now. I will say this: sitting around idly and hoping nothing happens is not an option. Military force is going to have to happen soon. We must get out of Iraq and prepare for it. Russia, China, North Korea, and the Fundamentalist Muslims are going to join forces to try and destroy the West. I think the Russians and Chinese are going to be the most rational out of these groups, but I don’t think they know who they are getting into bed with. We’re going to see WW3, maybe not on August 22nd… but probably in my life time. I just wish I had some answers as to what to do in the coming years.


14 responses to “Israel Hezbollah: Day Two of Cease Fire

  1. Daniel, have you read the World is Flat? If you haven’t, I call a moratorium on you weighing in on the middle east until you do. I agree that in a war, China and Russia will back Iran. The problem though, is Iran will never start a war with the West. By extension, Iran will never start a war with Israel. Listen more closely to Ahmadenijad, and you will realize that he is not aggressive…he is aggressively defensive. He isn’t going to start the shit…but he’s ready to end the shit. These are rational people that want something, and the something isn’t to kill themselves while blowing up infidels (although that is what some of them mistakenly think they want right now)

  2. did you call me daniel or did a comment disappear?

  3. brainfart. I don’t think I even know your brother. sorry

  4. He’s so aggressively defensive that he stirred Hezbollah to start a war with Israel. When I read what he says, I just can’t believe that he doesn’t want to start something. He is constantly expressing his desire for Israel to be wiped off the map. He’s aggressively seeking Nuclear weapons, regardless of what he tells Mike Wallace. A country with that much oil has little need for nuclear power. I’ll put that book on my list, though.

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