Snakes On A Plane: The Review

Greg Kendall-Ball summed it up best in three words, “Greatest. Movie. Evar.”

This movie couldn’t have been more of what I expected. In most cases, this would give a movie a major thumbs down, but Snakes On A Plane prided itself in using as many action/horror film cliches as was humanly possible. This movie was one of the most atrociously funny things I have ever seen. The dialogue was abismle. The acting was as good as the dialogue (which tends to be the case in any movie. which is why I love Aaron Sorkin) but neither the acting nor the dialogue was supposed to be good. This was a B movie from the start, and everyone knew it, and they loved it. Nearly every part of the story was foreshadowed in the first 30 minutes as passengers boarded the plan, you had the couple that can’t keep their hands off of each other, the newlywed couple, one of whom is deathly afraid of flying, a mother and baby, a germaphobe rap star, a rich girl bimbo, and a flight attendent who is on her last flight before law school. Such blatant foreshadowing of the brilliance to come.

And then, the biggest plot twist, there are Snakes on a PLane!

If you want to be scared, and simultaneously want to laugh at a terrible movie, this is one you should go see.


One response to “Snakes On A Plane: The Review

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