Global Warming Questions

First off, I read this story this morning that discusses a study that has lowered projected temperature increases if nothing is done about global warming.

Second, in regards to the whole sea level rising thing. I realize I’m not a scientist, but I do know some basic things. When you have a glass of ice and water, when all the ice melts, the water level stays the same. It has something to do with the fact that when water freezes, it expands. Then, when it melts, the volume is lower. You know, its how ice makes potholes in the road. So how does the melting of the ice caps cause ocean level rises?


5 responses to “Global Warming Questions

  1. I wondered about that myself. The ice that’s already in the ocean won’t cause a sea level rise when it melts, but all the ice that’s sticking out above the sea level (glaciers, for instance) I would think would cause some sea level increases if it were to melt.

  2. I think maybe that’s the issue – that there’s a fair amount that’s not in the sea, and if that melts and falls in, then it’s like adding more ice in the glass – the level would go up. Although, I’m no scientist either, but it would seem to make sense. How much is not in the sea, and what impact it would have, I have no idea.

  3. you need to see an inconvenient truth. even if its an inconvenient conjecture, its still a fun movie

  4. The answer has been somewhat suggested by others but think about the large ice-shelfs sitting on top on Greenland, Antarctica (which is huge), and the northern islands of Canada. Your right that sea ice would not really play a role.

    Also, I would assume that raising the temperature of the ocean would play a role in expansion also. Expansion of water isn’t that much for a degree or two but take into account the large volume of water and it may make a noticeable change but probably not terrible.

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