TV Script

I’ve been working on an idea for a TV pilot for a long time. I’d actually written over 30 pages for it but the screen stopped working on my computer this summer and when I got a new one, the full script didn’t come over. It kinda made me mad, but there’s nothign I can do about it. Anyway, so I think I’m gonna start working on it again. The first 7 pages of it have their own special place on my blog here. Check it out and tell me what you think. Sorry the format is wack, but it didn’t copy well from Word.


3 responses to “TV Script

  1. Justin,
    That TV show sounds WONDERFUL but would be attacked instantly by the Christian Right. BTW, two good friends of mine teach at a school named Metro Christian School. The nearly had to force me to watch the movie SAVED!, and when I did, I understood their life more. I think I could learn more about Evangelicals from your TV show also.

    †Deo adjuvante, non timendum

    †With the help of God, there is nothing to fear

  2. Yeah, the christian right wouldn’t like it, but I figure, since I’m a post evangelical, it might be seen as criticism from within rather than from the liberal media…. who knows though

  3. It would never fly the way it is. You’d have to get your digs in really subtly and have some good “touchy-feely” story lines on the order of “Seventh Heaven.” Either that or buy your own network to show it on.

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