Jim Wallis And Sojourners

Mick Wright has an interesting post over at Fishkite that shows the hypocrisy of Jim Wallis.

If anything makes me more angry, its people like Wallis who have decided that the answer to a Christian Right is a Christian Left.

The answer to either of these is being Christians and letting the government be what it is, the principalities and powers that are controlled by the evil one.

Governments must look after their own self interest. They also must use force in order to enforce their laws. The only thing that makes people pay taxes, go the speed limit, not steal, etc is force. This is why the government can never be the Kingdom.

When Wallis and others allign themselves with Hezbollah, something is wrong. When Wallis can allign himself with America and say that we can be a Christian Nation, he is wrong.

If the Kingdom could be brought about through government and force, don’t you think Jesus would have done so? I mean, Satan offered him all the Kingdoms of the world… yet he turned him down.

Because force doesn’t change hearts. Grace and Mercy do.


3 responses to “Jim Wallis And Sojourners

  1. “letting the government be what it is, the principalities and powers that are controlled by the evil one”

    Ouch… that’s harsh.

    Romans 13 — “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God… This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing.”

    I agree with you that the government is no Kingdom of God, but let’s lighten up on judging it as Satanic. This passage was written at a time when people probably thought they were under one of the most evil governments, Rome. I think we should be strongly critical and hold the government acocuntable, but we need to try to better understand God’s purpose for it and not simply write it off.

  2. I don’t know my opinion of the devil, whether he’s an actual being or if something else, but its clear that when he tempts jesus and offers him all the kingdoms of the world, that he has dominion over them. Jesus’s resistance to that kingdom of the world method is telling in how we should behave.

    What do you think about Wallis and Hezbollah?

  3. Thanks for the very informative post. Just to weigh-in on the issue of the The Right (Focusing on Personal Salvation) and The Left (Focusing on the social gospel) I think that for many the social gospel and the Doctrine of personal faith alone now seem antithetical, but 100 years ago (and beyond) more often than not they were one and the same. Of course this is not 100 percent true, but for the overall majority – a person that personally dedicated their life to Christ through faith alone, became a new person in Christ, and longed to “imitate” Him through bearing good fruit and performing good works. Because of the overwhelming concentration on faith alone (which I do agree with, but I think that there has been too much of an emphasis on in America because of our extreme focus on individuality) the social gospel and personal relationship seem like two disparite elements that cannot be reconciled. I think that we need to work to reconcile these two ideologies and realize that as new creatures in Christ we should long to worship Him, but also serve the world as He did.

    One of the things that has prevented this was the political alliance between the Conservatives and Evangelical movement. As Jerry Falwell shook hands with Ronald Reagan and promised to deliver him the presidency, the Evangelical movement in general moved towards the extreme individualism of Conservativism. For any of the benefits that came from this alliance came not only an acceptance, but also an endorsement for anything Conservative, even if it did not fit Christian values.

    It is time that we stop endorsing either party and instead hold both parties accountable. This will begin the reconciliation between the social gospel and personal salvation – and we can all move a little closer to “imitating Christ.”


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