Several links for ya

First, (this should get some comments) Men are smarter than Women???

Global Warming information. I don’t know where this comes from, but its interesting.

From the Seattle-Times, Gas prices to 1.15 a gallon soon?

If you’re into voting, and you’re from Texas, you should vote for this guy.


5 responses to “Several links for ya

  1. “I don’t mind being called a flip-flopper,” he said, . . . “I think we actually could use a flip-flopper as governor because a flip-flopper is a human being open to change, and God knows change is what we need now.”

    I once heard a guy talk about “fence sitters” and how we should respect fence sitters because they are open enough to look at both sides carefully before making a decision.

    As far as the men being smarter than women, 3.63 points doesn’t seem like all that big a spread to me.

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