Changing Theology: What to do when your viewpoint freaks your parents

Actually, I don’t really have an answer to this. I’m hoping some of you out there have some ideas.

My parents have been moving along with me on a lot of issues from a theological standpoint. The emerging church stuff and postmodern thought, they are totally onboard. They dealt with my move from Republicanism to Libertarianism pretty well. I think they are having more issues with my shift towards Christian Pacifism/Anarchy (otherwise known as the Kingdom of God).

Understandably, my parents have issues with my relinquishing of support for any war waged by any country. It doesn’t make sense. I understand that. It didn’t make sense to me before, and it doesn’t make complete sense to me now. But I know its right. Its the way we’re supposed to behave if we really believe that Jesus means what he says.

Could one involve himself in government without the involvement becoming idolotry? Absolutely. But the temptation is always there. The temptation in voting is to say my ideology is best for the country because I know what God wants for us, so its actually what God wants for the country. How many of us are guilty of saying that? Or thinking it? I know I did. I did it when I was a Republican. I did it when I was a Libertarian (for the year that I was one). Its easy for me to say that because God wants us to be free, we should have the government that gives us the most freedom. Its easy to say that since Jesus rejected the idea of using the government to bring the Kingdom of God, that we should reject involving Government with Kingdom things.

But the problem is, for everything that its easy for me to say, its easy for someone to see it a completely different way. And that divides the Kingdom. When I want a Libertarian Government, and Larry James wants a Democrat controlled Government, it makes it harder for us to be brothers. If we stopped arguing politics and started being the Kingdom, things would be better.

Anyway, this was a big random “musing”. Thoughts anyone?


5 responses to “Changing Theology: What to do when your viewpoint freaks your parents

  1. I’m on board with you on this. Sure we can have opinions about politics, but our primary concern and the area where we should be directing our efforts is the Kingdom. Imagine how much more satisfied we’d be, despite the political situation, if we were spending our time sharing with our brothers and sisters, taking care of those who have needs.

    On another note, I’m getting the impression that voting is no longer a priority for you. Have you decided to stop voting? I’ve been going back and forth on this issue myself. I think I’ll blog about it pretty soon.

  2. Well, I’m going back and forth. About a week ago I wasn’t gonna vote anymore, but now I might. I don’t know. Its definitely not a priority, but its not something I can say I will never do again.

  3. I’d ask someone if that’s really the government they wanted before I posted that they wanted a certain type of government.

    I don’t think Larry cares about a certain party being in control. I think he just wants people to stop ignoring the poor.

  4. The kingdom CAN be an unsettling concept Justin. Don’t loose hope. You can always pass on a copy of my book , Kingdom Come. That is said with a big SMILE on my face beloved.

    Bobby Valentine

  5. Your book is next on my list Bobby. I’ll probably pass it on to my dad. I just finished “the myth of a christian nation” and gave that to him to read. Ever since I’ve been learning about the Kingdom, the concept of “who then can be saved” has meant more and more. Thanks for the encouragement!

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