All Out Religion War?

This link is scary. The world is in for some turmoil. We should pray that Christ is shown to the Middle East.


3 responses to “All Out Religion War?

  1. Actually, Muslims believe Jesus Christs was one of the prophets, just not “the” prophet.

  2. Justin when you are right … you are right. Is it not ironic that no outbursts have taken place because some Muslim called Jesus the “Slave of Allah.” I have not heard of any mosques being burned or koran’s being burned as a result …

    Why should the Pope, who in theory is the Vicar of Christ himself, not think Christianity is superior to Mohammed? That is his “job” …

    Bobby Valentine

  3. Islamofacism is exactly what can happen (and has happened) to christianity if we focus too much on the end times and heaven and forget the kingdom of god

    thanks guys!

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