Christian Nation?

I can’t begin to figure out what my response should be to the Jesus Camp movie.

Radical pentacostalism is not all like this. I know people who attend charasmatic churches that don’t believe what this camp does, but it is definitely a trend that is moving through charasmatic circles (especially premillienial groups) as well as parts of the Southern Baptist Church. This idea that we are supposed to bring America back to God is flawed. At what point was America God’s? Was it when we continually lied to the indians, stole their land, gave them blankets infected with small pox, and raped their women? Was it when we shipped Africans over on over crowded boats and sold them into slavery, splitting up wives and husbands and parents and children? Or was it during the years of segregation in the south where blacks were denied entrance to restaurants, hotels, buses and bathrooms that were used by whites? While we may have had Christians in our country, we were never a Christian nation and never will be. No nation can be Christian, because Christ’s teachings show us that we should exist from a power under structure of serving and loving rather than a power over structure that keeps order by threatening force.

Militant Christian Fundamentalists are just as dangerous as the terrorists that threaten the West.


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